Miami Beach Systems

Your friendly and local system design and IT consultants

Bringing a people first attitude to information systems, we're here to solve your technical problems across a diverse array of areas. Serving all areas of South Florida and beyond. With experience working with the most demanding customers across industries ranging from finance, to public sector, to nightlife, we're here for you.


Bringing a human aspect to technological environments, we're striving to make the world a better place, one technical issue at a time. Using our people-first approach, we are here to make sure you and your customers have a better day.

Enterprise Solutions

  • IT infrastructure design, development, and buildout
  • System design and development
  • Windows infrastructure consulting
  • Linux support and system performance tuning
  • Active Directory design, buildout, support, and recovery
  • IT disaster planning, disaster recovery, and continuity of business
  • Enterprise/large area network design and buildout.
  • Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) design and implementation
  • Internet/WAN network design and buildout.
  • Cloud infrastructure migration
  • Hyper-V, VMWare design, buildout, and support
  • Software development management and lifecycle management.
  • System Center design and implementation

Office And Business Solutions

  • Windows client deployment and management
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) design, implementation, and buildout
  • Wi-Fi network design and buildout
  • Legacy system support and migration
  • Application virtualization solutions
  • Office 365 migrations, implementation, and support
  • Site-to-site and internet connectivity solutions
  • Backup and recovery solutions

Nightlife and Entertainment Solutions

  • Nightlife audio/video system design and buildout
  • Enterprise-grade redundant internet connectivity solutions
  • Mobile/field connectivity for shows and events
  • Theatrical technology design and implementation

Additional Solutions

  • General process consulting
  • Application hosting solutions
  • Advanced troubleshooting across all platforms
  • System monitoring solutions, Prometheus, Telegraf, Grafana implementation
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    Feel free to reach out to us with any questions. We're always open to discussing new projects, ideas, and offering advice.

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